15-16 November 2017

The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Learn from local and global knowledge management expertise

Eric Chan
, Chairman
Knowledge Management Development Centre

Lr. Eric Chan BSc (Eng.), MBA, MCIM, FIET, Chartered Marketer and Chartered Engineer (C.Eng)

Eric Chan is currently Head of Products & Services, Hutchison Global Communications. He oversees HGC Product Innovation and manages the whole portfolio of Products from Telecom to Cloud and Managed Services. Mr Chan is a veteran in the telecommunications industry with over 25 years of experience in ICT, Marketing, Product, Business Development & Management Consultancy. Mr Chan has been instrumental in many telecom services development in HK and has masterminded a wide range of strategic projects. Before joining Hutchison Telecom, Mr Chan held various senior positions in local and global telecommunication companies. Mr Chan also serves on many Industry & University Advisory Boards, Professional Bodies (Chairman of KMDC) and Charitable Organizations. The Knowledge Management Development Centre (KMDC) is a charitable organization set up in 2004 by a group of committed Knowledge Management practitioners from various industries and government. The founders of KMDC are also former executive members of the first KM interest group (CoP) in Hong Kong, the 'Knowledge Management Development Community'. The KMDC aims to promote the awareness and advance the practice of Knowledge Management in Hong Kong. Mr Chan currently sits on a number of international KM professional boards and regularly acts as judging panel for international KM awards.



Eric Hunter, Director of Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Strategies
Bradford & Barthel LLP

Eric Hunter is the Director of Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Strategies at Bradford & Barthel, LLP and Executive Director of Spherical Models, LLC. Eric is integrating a social media, knowledge, big data and predictive collaboration environment within the firm and is constantly looking to leverage innovation solutions to enhance client service interaction while driving business optimization solutions internally. Eric leads the Spherical Models team focusing on spherical business models through innovations in big data, process innovation, strategic pricing, predictive analytics, social and collaborative cloud solutions. Eric speaks and writes on competitive strategy, evolving business models, big data, process innovation, strategic pricing, predictive analytics and collaborative cloud solutions globally and is the recipient of The Global KM Congress’ 2015 ‘Global Knowledge Leadership Award’ and ILTA’s 2010 ‘Knowledge Management Champion’ Distinguished Peer and ILTA’s 2010 ‘Innovative Member’ awards. Eric is on the editorial board for Managing Partner, and has recently published a book: “The Sherlock Syndrome, Strategic Success through Big Data and the Darwinian Disruption” with the Ark Group. Follow Eric on Twitter @thelihunter.


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