30 November - 1 December 2016

The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers, Kowloon, Hong Kong



Day 1: Knowledge management strategy and efficient performance

09.00 Registration and refreshments

09.30 Opening remarks from the Chair

Ron YoungChairman, British Standards Institute (BSI) Knowledge Management Standards CommitteeRepresentative, International Standards Organisation (ISO), Knowledge Management Standards Workgroup WG6, UK

09:45 Connection before content
Consider yourselves as much an owner and co-creator of the conference experience as the Chair, speakers and facilitators. This ice-breaker session is driven by four 'ownership' questions from Peter Block. The most revealing of which is: To what extent are you prepared to take responsibility for the learning and engagement of others at this event?'

"We must establish a personal connection with each other. Connection before content. Without relatedness, no work can occur." (Peter Block)

David Gurteen, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning ConsultantGurteen Knowledge, UK

10:00 Using Sharepoint 2013 as an innovative knowledge sharing platform and intranet for 9,500+ employees
This presentation explores the academic research behind the project carried out at Irish Defence Forces. Project and programme lead, Major Barry Byrne, examines themes covered in the initiative such as senior leadership engagement, user adoption, change management, information architecture and enterprise social.

Barry ByrneChief Information and Knowledge Management OfficerIrish Defence Forces, Ireland


11:00 Morning coffee break

11:30 Case study: Pitching KM to senior management to gain leadership buy-in
As the KM Manager at Huawei, a Fortune 500 company with around 160,000 employees all over the world, introducing KM is not an easy task. Frankie Lai has encountered a lot of challenges in his KM journey. For the first time, he will share this story with KM Asia participants.

  • Overcoming challenges from business units
  • How can KM help even those who refuse to accept it
  • Adding value to your KM system
  • Using a blend of goals, values and knowledge to shape up your message
  • Getting your leadership involved with the alignment of operational processes

Frankie LaiKnowledge Management Project ManagerHuawei Technologies, China



12:15 Which KM strategies work for your organisation's culture?
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a knowledge-sharing culture is critical to the successful implementation of knowledge management initiatives. Are there certain organisational types that provide ideal KM environments? How well do we understand the characteristics that create our organisation's culture? And how can we make the most of this understanding to develop the KM agenda? This session will explore:

  • Factors affecting an organisation's culture
  • How an organisation's culture affects knowledge-sharing
  • Ways to improve knowledge-sharing in different organisational cultures

Janice RecordHead of International Knowledge and Insight, DLA Piper, International
Andreas Sher, Co-founder and Provisional Executive Committee member, Association of KM Practitioners, Hong Kong


13:00 Networking lunch

14:00 Are challenging questions more powerful than answers?
Knowledge management (KM) is a challenging discipline given that it deals with the complex adaptive nature of human social systems. We are walking on a trampoline. Each step reconfigures the path ahead. There are no prescriptive solutions. In this dynamic session, you will have conversations with many different people, while standing and moving around the room.

David GurteenKnowledge Management and Organisational Learning ConsultantGurteen Knowledge, UK

15:00 Using KM as a risk management tool
Knowledge management tools can help identify potential risk factors and unmanaged assumptions in professional services engagements.

  • Identifying potential sources of risk that might not be obvious to project planners
  • Differentiating expectations, including unclear and unrealistic expectations and scope changes
  • Operational issues, including data integration and communication within project teams
  • Financial issues including budgeting for adequate levels of documentation
  • Identifying the capacity of the customer and the vendor/service providers to mitigate risk and develop risk plans

Carla Sapsford MaloneyDirectorStrategic Knowledge Partners, Malaysia

15:40 Afternoon coffee break

16:10 Implementing a brand new global knowledge strategy at a major NGO
Huge ambition, complex environments, limited budgets. The reality of implementing innovative KM practices at a global charity is not easy, but isn't impossible. An effective KM strategy will foster an environment of collaboration and innovation, bring the expertise of a globally dispersed workforce together, and create a platform for efficient knowledge capture and sharing.

  • Building a knowledge culture
  • Building expertise of a globally dispersed workforce
  • Knowledge platforms to help collaboration and innovation

Kaushik Roy, Global Knowledge Leader and Director, Save the Children, India

16:50 Global standards for knowledge management Asia
This session will outline the benefits, challenges and implications of a global KM standard and provide an update on the status of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) KM standard development.

Ron YoungChairman, British Standards Institute (BSI) Knowledge Management Standards CommitteeRepresentative, International Standards Organisation (ISO), Knowledge Management Standards Workgroup WG6, UK

17:10 Chair's closing remarks (Day 1)

17:20 Close of Day 1

Day 2: Bringing together people, processes and technology to help you achieve your KM goals

09:00 Registration
09:30 Opening remarks from the Chair
Eric ChanChairman, Knowledge Management Development Centre, Hong Kong


09:45 The quantum and new KM horizons
"Machine-learning algorithms are really kind of stupid. They need so many examples to learn." (John Martinis, physicist, Google's quantum artificial intelligence lab)

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and the state of KM across the globe today
  • AI and the quantum process
  • Moore's Law and practical KM realities
  • Flatland, spherical models, the Sherlock syndrome and disruption
  • Social now and KM ramifications
  • Three killer KM evolutions: mango apps and IBM connections
  • Speculations for the future

Eric HunterDirector of KnowledgeTechnology & Innovation Strategies, Bradford & Barthel LLP, US

10:25 Managing knowledge in the cloud

  • Cloud computing and the knowledge cloud
  • Knowledge process as knowledge services
  • KM systems in the cloud
  • Cloud sourcing task allocations, problem solving, expertise and learning
  • Unlearning KM by revisiting the data information knowledge wisdom (DIKW) framework
  • Applications and case studies

Professor Eric TsuiProfessor and Associate Director of the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research CentreThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

11:10 Morning coffee break

11.30 Agile project management
Agile development methods which are based on solid KM fundamentals can be effectively applied to the development of KM strategies and implementing frameworks. This session will give you the chance to work with your peers on an agile based methodology for KM strategies and implementing frameworks.

Ron YoungChairman, British Standards Institute (BSI) Knowledge Management Standards CommitteeRepresentative, International Standards Organisation (ISO), Knowledge Management Standards Workgroup WG6, UK

12:15 The effectiveness of innovation
In the fast changing business world of today, innovation has become the driving force of every successful organisation. The nature of global economic growth has been changed by the speed of innovation. This in turn has been made possible by rapidly evolving technology, shorter product lifecycles and an increased rate of new product development.

  • Ensuring your business strategies are innovative to build and sustain competitive advantage
  • How changing customer needs have become increasingly complex
  • How innovation can help accelerate the growth in the amount of knowledge available to organisations

Madhukar KalsapuraFounder and ChiefKnowurture Health Solutions, India

13:00 Networking lunch break


14:00 Sharing experiences in culture, success and failure stories
In today's constantly changing business world, innovation is a focus for organisations. The speed and complexity of innovation increases with growth of knowledge and collaboration in organisations. This session examines different approaches to collaboration and how these enhance an organisation's ability to innovate.

  • Individuals will have creative ideas but collaboration within a group enhances the quality of ideas
  • A framework on how collaboration is integrated into the innovation cycle
  • Digital technologies for simplifying collaboration
  • Innovating new products through individual brilliance versus collaborative innovation
  • Success story with benefits and challenges

Hari PrasadDeputy ManagerWipro, India

14.40 Afternoon coffee break


15:00 Legal firms with a Malaysian flavour: Morphing from the ultra-conservative to a liberalised knowledge base
The legal industry is still one of the most paper-orientated industries. It is also not the fastest to adopt new technology. With the liberalisation of the legal industry, firms in Malaysia can no longer remain comfortable in an opaque environment. This case study talks about the challenges faced by the Malaysian legal industry and how firms are accommodating a more liberal approach to knowledge.

The story behind an ivory tower syndrome:

  • How biased perceptions create cultural barriers
  • Redefining the scope of knowledge-sharing
  • Preparing knowledge workers for a more competitive market environment through senior management buy-in

Adeline Chin Yih FenKnowledge ManagerMessrs Shook Lin & Bok, Malaysia

15.40 Chairperson's closing remarks (Day 2)

16:00 Close of conference

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